Millions of dollars are sold annually through Travelucion’s propriety e-commerce platform. Worldwide GDS (Global Distribution System) derived; International Hotel Chains, Car Rental, B&Bs, Cruises, Trains, Transport companies, Tours & Excursion suppliers, Flight consolidators and many other world travel services providers use Travelucion as a promotional hub. Millions of annual web visitors are channeled through our proprietary lead generation system of 614 websites directly to our e-commerce platforms, allowing monetization of web traffic and increased revenues.

Travelucion’s general interest and specialist websites attract highly focused internet traffic through major searches engines; this traffic is then shown world travel offers, banner ads or specific third-party marketing campaigns. Travelucion is a self-sustaining marketing hub employing the concept of destination based marketing or, “one country-one website”. Travelucion is liberated from the need to resort to costly PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, thus lowering the company’s and supplier partners overall marketing costs. These savings are passed onto consumers through the RevoluVIP Club Membership. Travelucion generates +60 million page views of highly targeted worldwide internet traffic. During 2017 Travelucion has seen visits to its websites increase by over 300%.